Marrying for wrong reason…

Once she felt love and be loved.  Her world evolves around the man she chooses to love.  Everything is perfect, talking and thinking of a life together, grow old together and live a happy life together.  It was a dream come true to her until unexpected event happens.  Because of the love they felt for each other, they did thing that changes everything.  Those plans have been vanished like bubble.  When she told him that they were expecting a baby, the guy changed and did not bother to talk to her and said bye.  He is gone with the wind. 

Confused and do not know what to do, she opted to abort the baby.  The fruit of their love is now gone like the man she chooses to love.  Poor angel for did not given a chance to see the beauty of life and life on earth.  Desperate moves, she wants to get married for her to forget the man that causes her too much pain.  On hearing this, I told her it is not fair to do this such.  It is a foolish act that she might regret in the end.  I felt her pain and wanted to help but cannot for her decision is final.  Now she is looking of a man to marry.  She doesn’t care if there is love in love.  All she wanted to someone to get her out from the pain she has right now.  So sad to know that people are not sensitive enough to the pain they caused to someone.  I just wish that she will move on and bring back the happy life she has before.  Her plans to marry someone is not good and I hope she will enlighten by God.  I am praying for her and wishing she will get over soon.  Will explore life and soon will find someone she deserves.

One Response to “Marrying for wrong reason…”

  1. Mel Avila Alarilla says:

    You cannot right a wrong with another wrong. Bad enough that she aborted her baby after she was left by the baby's father. Now she wants to marry so that she can get out of her miserable condition. What she need is an emotional and spiritual cleansing where she can forgive and forget and then move on with her life. The first step is to turn to God for divine healing and deliverance. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.