Is she okay?

We are friends, neighbors, classmates and schoolmates.  Its been  years since we have not seen each other. I do not know her whereabouts and she doesn’t know mine too.  I am eager to visit her back when I was in college but I was not able to find a chance to visit her.  I considered her a close one because we used to talked to each other when we are sad and down. 

Few days ago, our batchmates are organizing a reunion for us.  It is considered to be a grand reunion because many will participate.  I am so happy to see her on  I said to myself, at last I will be able to contact her and talk to her again.  Thanks to this site because I am able to relocate my high school friends.  While we are talking about the venue of the said reunion, I was surprised by her suggestions and the way she respond to our conversation.  I told myself, ‘is she okay’?  Years have changed her a lot and I am happy because it is for the better.  Just that she is talking like one of those elite people.  I missed the old days when she was simple and very down to earth.  Gone are the days when she was a simple one.  Even though she is acting strange, I still wish her all the good things in life.  And always put her feet on the ground.

Our reunion is fast approaching and looking forward to meet everybody and her.  I am afraid she will not be able to recognize me nor talk to me.  If she will, not then  it’s her choice.  All I can say is, she is really not

2 Responses to “Is she okay?”

  1. mona says:

    wow masaya yan! anyway, i hope she's ok maybe after so long many changes happened but more importantly we should still humble.

  2. gelo says:

    khadlok hehehhe…i hope when u get to see her she will b ok then hehehe