Felt Honored..

Two more months and my nephew will be seeing the world. This is the honeymoon baby of my sister so we are happy and excited to see this little angel soon.  Before, we thought it is a baby girl and we are preparing a name for a girl.  But after the ultrasound, it says it is a baby boy.  Since it is a baby boy, we are looking for a name of a boy.

The other day, my sister came to visit at my parents house and woke me up.  And she gave to me the list of her selected names.  She asked me to pick one beautiful name.  I am so honored to asked by my sister to pick the name of her baby.  Even though I am still sleepy, I force to open my eyes because I am so happy to pick my nephew’s name.  After presenting the name that I like for her baby, I am even happier because she liked it.  Thanks for my sister who trusted me to pick the name of her baby.   Looking forward on the day where this little angel arrived and see if my sister will use the name that I picked.

One Response to “Felt Honored..”

  1. Faye says:

    awwwww i love babies!:) I'm praying for the God's blessing, a baby for us 🙂