Was so wrong….

She was asked to make him happy because of the past that keeps on hurting him.  He was in love and was hurt.  Because of  her kindness heart, she said to the request of the aunt to accompany him for him  to overcome the pain and will not think of the girl that hurt him.  It was a success and the aunt of the guy was so happy and even loved her for what she did.  Sad to say she fell in love and they end having a relationship.

After two years of their relationship, the family of the guy changed.  She felt not welcome anymore even the aunt.  She admits they are rich and she is poor, they are not meant for one another in terms of status in the society.  I have been told her that all is fair in love, but to be with his family it is not fair.  She now realized that it was so wrong to say yes and help him.  They are just using her for him to be happy and move on.  Now that he has moved on, they want them to move away.  They are just taking advantage of her kindness.  Though it is not easy to do, she has to say goodbye to him and go away.  He will not understand  for now but one day he will know the reason why.  So sad that others are like that.  They want someone who is in their level of status.  I just hope they will not going to pay for the pain she cause her today.

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