Haunted by the past

As they say, it is better to end the realtionship in a nice way so that the couple will still be friends after all what had happened to their relationship.  That is the right thing to do so that no more gossips and other bad comments will follow after the break up.  It is decided by both parties and decided to be friends after all.
But, why the change?  She thought that her ex-boyfriend who happens to be her friend after the break up is now tearing her apart.  He keeps on bothering her even if she lives far away from him.  He even bothering the present love life she has right now.  The kind of guy that is not worth it to keep even for just a friend.  Sometimes we meet wrong ones before meeting the right one.  But she meet the worse among the wrong one.  It is really painful, but if she look at it in a positive way, this can make her a better and stronger person.  The guy hat once loved by her is now turns into her greatesst enemy.  Although she is haunted by her past love, she is keep on moving on because there is better life ahead of her rather than to stay from that worse past. 

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