Friend Turns into a Snake

All of us are born with good hearts, and loving hearts.  Out of the goodness in our hearts, we sometimes help a friend, adopt a child and offer our own house for them to stay.  It is good to think that we are able to help someone who is in dire need.  When  a friend needed our help, we help them without hesitation because we are a friend that will always be there through thick and thin.

When a help is being given, it is right to say thank you.  Thank you is a priceless word that is very nice to hear from someone we give help because it only shows that the help is being appreciated.  But, why is that instead of saying thank you a friend stabbed us from behind.  They are like a friend who is in fact our enemy.  The thought of finding a friend to them, is a mistake because they turn into a snake.  We never know when they will attack because they are a ‘frienemy’.  It hurts and cuts deep because we are being betrayed by someone whom we thought is a friend.  Stabbing from behind is more painful because we never know who did that to us.  It is better to stabbed right in front so that we will know who did that to us.  A ‘frienemy’ is a silent attacker because they are a snake who hides in a humble personality.

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