Through the Internet….

Last two days ago, I am looking at my high school yearbook.  I always do it when I am bored at home and thinking of my friends back in high school.  I smiled looking at our faces from before.  The different faces from past to present.  I even laughed looking at my face.  I think of my close friend Lorilyn.  Wonder where is now and what kind of life she has now.

I was browsing on my Facebook account when I saw an account of our batch in high school.  I opened it and saw her account there.  I am so happy to see her account and added her immediately as my friend.  Its been ten long years since we saw one another.  Last night I am so happy to see she is online and added me back to her friends list.  We did chat and talked about of our life after graduation, work and our life of today.  It is a good feeling that we are now connected again and having our communication back.  I am looking forward to see her gain in person.  Indeed, Internet helps people to be reunited especially those old friends that we are longing to know their whereabouts.  Internet make people find friends and also meeting new friends. 

One Response to “Through the Internet….”

  1. mona says:

    good to know that, facebook is really one way to meet again your old friends and families