Missed the Chance….

Today is the schedule of my sister’s ultrasound to know the gender of her baby. I am waiting for this day to come because I am so excited to know the gender of her baby.  I woke up early this morning because of today’s schedule.  We have scheduled it that I will go with her since her husband cannot be with her because he is at work.

My excitement turns out to be a disappointment because I cannot go with her.  No one will look after my one year old nephew.  I am so sad because I wanted to go with her.  I cannot bring my nephew because it will makes me very tired because my nephew is very handful.  When my sister arrives at our house this morning, I told her I cannot go with her.  My sister’s face is disappointed as well because she will go alone.  I missed the chance to be with her and be the first one to know the gender of her baby aside from her.  And I want to see the baby inside her womb.  If only someone will look after my nephew I will go with her.  Well, everything happens for a reason.  Maybe not meant to be for me to be the first to know aside from her.  Oh, well she text me and said it is a baby boy!  That is enough for me to be not feel so sad.

2 Responses to “Missed the Chance….”

  1. mona says:

    i believe also in the saying that everything happens for a reason, anyway congrats to your sister =)
    have time to visit me =)

  2. anne says:

    sige lang girl hehehe at least ikaw una gi text