Three is a crowd…

I have been thinking for days now about someone who will try to broke the relationship founded by two couple.  It is okay to be friends but not to the extend of taking too much time of the other.  Doing their best just to get in the middle of that relationship.  Seems like they do not want that couple to be happy together.  Is it not bad to be friends but we should also know where to stand.  Put some boundary so that the other party will not feel being neglected.  We are old enough to know if we are crossing the border line. 
I am not against it but there are people who are taking advantage of the kindness of others.  Not talking doesn’t mean it is okay to other party.  It create  a big gap of the couple knowing that someone is trying to get it.  It is not bad to help because we are human and we are expected to help someone if we are being asked.  But that someone who only wants friendship decided to make it more than friendship.  Sad to say but it is true that some friends really ruined the relationship of their friends.  Due to too much closeness and spend time together, they felt something special to the point of having a secret feelings towards each other. Three is a crowd as they say, that is why someone has to let go.  The trust have been broken, there is no way we can bring it back.  No matte how painful it is, we have to accept it that along that friendship they create special treatment.  There is no such thing as three person involve in love relaionship, so accept it and no turning back.

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