My Beloved Computer..

Every morning after fixing myself, the kids and have some breakfast, I opened my computer to check my email and also to start my daily routine online.  This is part of my life since I started these things online.  As I am just here in the house I want to earn little income for myself and extra for the family and save the remaining if there is still money left for me to save.  I thought earning online is easy and fast, but I was wrong.  It also need much patience and time.
As I open my computer this morning, there is no display on the screen.  I was surprise because I just have used it the other night and it is working.  I am so worried what happened with my beloved computer.   To the point of thinking worse.  What if my computer will not work anymore?  I do not have budget to buy new one for now as my earning online is not that big.  I felt like crying and so so sad.  I decided to off my computer and give my computer some time to rest.  After hours I opened it again and thanks God that it is now working.  My sad face replaced with a wide smile because my computer is back to normal.  My life and my works are here I cannot do things online without my computer.  Thanks God and I promise to take good care of my beloved computer.

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