Busy Saturday for Me….

After a week of little things they have done at school, selling different things, foods and drinks for kids, they end it with a presentation.  It is a compitetion with different grade level.  And my two nieces will be participating in their field demonstration.  Excited and happy when they wake up this morning because the long wait have been waiting for.  I too wakes up early to prepare myself because I and my sister will going to witness their presentation.  They also have a little feast at their classrooms.

When the activity at school ended, my sister asked me to go with her because she will be going to handle a seminar at the chapel.  She is a member of formators team in our church.  Although I am very tired, I can’t say no to my sister because she seldom asked me to go with her.  Plus I seldom go out of the house because I am babysitting my brother’s kids.  Although I am free from taking care of the kids today I am still tired because I am out of the house the whole day.  A different bonding with my sister because I am watching her conducting a seminar.  Busy Saturday for me today but worth it and I am happy.

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