Secretary in the Making….

I used to do lots of things for my sister  regarding her things needed at her classroom.  From the decorations, posting pictures, cut outs and typing forms she needed.  I love to do it because in the simple way I am able to help my sister in a simple way.  It is good feeling to help her and I can also pay back the things she has done for me.  A great sister to me, alwasy there for me and always have something for me.

Right now she is pregnant with her first baby, and she is always tired from work.  Lots of paper works for her because they have a new school principal.  She asked me to do some of those.  Typing several forms needed at school, papers regarding their meeting at others.  Tiring but I love to do it because I love my sister and I want to help as well.  This is little things compared to what she has done for me.  I am her secretary as long as she needed me to do things for her, especially paper works.

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