Surprise greetings….

Yesterday was Sunday and we went to church early in the morning.  Part of our Sunday routine, to give thanks to God for the wondeful blessings and the gift of life.  After after, my brother and his family went to christining celebration of my cousin’s son.  My father and my brother had their own activity as well.  I was the one who left alone in the house.  As usual spendng most of my day watching tv and facing my computer.  My one who always accompany me when everyone is not around.  I’d rather spend my time with my computer and stay at home rather than go out and being tired after. 

As I am doing my blogging thing, my phone beeps.  And I was surprise to recieved a message from my sister-in-law greeting me a happy sister’s day.  I never thought there is so called sister’s day.  It did make me smile and happy that she is treating me like her own sister.  Simple and unexpected messages that coming from someone you did not expected is so meaningful and touching for me.  And my day yesrterday was even brigther and did not feel the moments of being lonely alone at home.

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