Looking for crib….

As she is on her six months on the way, my sister is slowly buying things that she is needed when her baby comes.  I am excited also to go with her and buy things for the little one.  Today she called me and said we will meet at the mall.  I always want to spend time with her because it is seldom to happen since she got married.   When we meet at the mall she said we will be looking for a crib for her baby.  I enjoyed selecting a nice crib for the little one, it is a little hard though for we didn’t know what is the gender of the baby.  We just laugh while selecting a nice crib.  After an hour of picking and selecting my sister decided not to buy for she cannot find something that is nice.  She said we will go to other department store to find something that she will like. 

We end up doing window shopping and looking for stuff that she will be needed for her baby.  Going to food court and do our old habit which is eating.  Not eating a lot though because she was advice by her doctor to control eating.  Little foods but sharing it together is a good experience with my sister.  A sister that is so dear to me.  One of a kind sister.

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