Her vegetable garden…

Today is Sunday and it is a family day for us but all the members of the family are busy with our individual activities.  My brothers went to fishing, my other brother went to his girlfriend’s place and my father has his own activity as well.  Only me, my sister-in-law, nieces and nephew left in the house.  Our activity is inside the house, watching tv, eating and resting.  It is a well rested Sunday for me and I am very happy that I am able to take a long nap today.

My sister-in-law has her different activity for today.  She is into her vegetable garden. Although it is a very small garden and only few vegetables were planted, seeing her busy cutting the grass and putting a simple fence on the vegetables is so cute.  Nowadays vegetables are a little bit expensive it is better to plant vegetables.  And also vegetables in the market have preservatives and farmers are using fertilizer to have a volume of harvest.  Which is not good to our health.  That is why it is better to plant our own and use a natural way of planting it.  No need to use fertilizer with chemicals because in the house and old ways we can use our own made fertilizer.  That is what my sister in law is doing.  I am looking forward for her vegetables to grow and ready to cook.  Vegetables are good in our body.  I will try also to plant my own vegetable in my sister in law’s little garden.

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