Our Simple Christmas Tree…

Time fly so fast nowadays and people are counting down on christmas day.  Its like just recently since I have put our christmas decoration in the box and our christmas three in the safe place in the house.  Now I am getting it out again and preparing it for I will be decorating the house again.  To feel the coming of christmas in our house and in our hearts.  I know that it is early to do it because halloween will be coming first.  But I like to put it early so that I will be seeing the christmas lights that will give brigthness in the house at night.

Our simple christmas tree is giving happiness to my nieces and nephew.  It is too cute to see my one year old nephew wondering about the lights and the christmas balls that is hanging on the christmas tree.  Everytime I see christmas tree, it makes me sad for I miss my mother who  always do that before when christmas is approaching.  It reminds me of her every christmas.  That is why when christmas is there approaching I am kinda sad because I am missing her.  This year will be another year of happy christmas because of  special someone who gives me happiness and love.  On the day before christmas is his birthday, so christmas for me would be happy.  No reason to be sad because there is one good reason to be happy.  Love and be loved.

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