Never wanted it, Until now…

Its Friday and it is my schedule for cleaning the house.  Lots of things to arrange and dust to move away.  House is so messy with kids around and be with some adults that do not know where to put their things.  Added the some messy things caused by my brothers and my father.  It is so boring to do things over and over again.  Telling them where to put their things and their other belongings.  Truly living with guys in the house are too much messy rather than to live with kids.  But in our house combine the kids and adults mess, and I am loaded with mess to clean up to. 

I am used to use feather duster, broom and old clothes to wipe those dust before.  But now I really feel the need to have a vacuum cleaner with me to help me do my cleaning faster.  Because of doubled mess that I have to clean, how I wish I have this kind of cleaning machine with me.  So sad that no budget for now, I will be using the same tools I am using while cleaning till I get the chance to buy vacuum cleaner.  It will be a dream come true for me to have this machine for cleaning.  I never really wanted it till now that I am doing these mess and dust in the house.  I so wish that one day I will be using this machine for my house cleaning.

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