Hip Hop Abs Video…

Last year my sister bought me a ‘Hip Hop Abs Video’ for me to do exercise at home because I wanted to loss some weight. I have been doing it for two successive months last year. Although I have seen some changes in my body physic, I stop doing it because I got fever for a week. My sister advice me to stop for a while because she thinks I am over doing and it is not good because I m having fever. After that I never bother to go back to exercise that makes me gained more and more weights.

While I am having some arrangement in the house today, I saw my hip hop abs video that reminds me of the past while I am still doing it. Right now I am on a less rice, less intake and more water diet for a year now. I like doing this rather than the hip hop abs exercise. Although it was a good experience using hip hop abs exercise, I wont do it again because I do not want to get fever for more than a week. My brother’s girlfriend wants to try it, so I lend it to you with the words ‘GOOD LUCK’ to her. Hope she will see some changes and more healthy body.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Exercise help us to enhance your immune system and prevent us from diseases, also it burns those ugly body fats in our body.

    In performing an exercise, first and foremost, do some warm up exercise like stretching, jumping jack — then slowly proceed to your program exercise — last step would be, cooling down. These steps prevent us from injuries.