Her own version…

After her wedding day, she moved out of the house and rented a house for her and her husband.  They just live near to us that is why from time to time she visits the house.  She always asked either me or my two older brothers on how to cook a certain dish.  I must say she is not a cook in the house.  She can only prepare a simple dish. So, every time she wants to cook something that is not familiar to her she goes to the house and ask.  One of the recipe she asked about to me is the ‘afritada’.  A mixture of meat, carrots, potatoes, tomato sauce, green peas and some spices.  She really wants to cook now and serve her husband after going home from work.

Every Saturday she spend her day in our house since she doesn’t have work every weekends.  She bring her own version of ‘afritada’ for us to share for lunch.  It is so yummy and delicious to look at.  I am so excited to taste her cooking talent.  And I must say she can really cook and have the touch of hands in cooking.  Only problem with her is that she is not putting enough salt to taste.  She just put a little salt because to her a little to taste will do.  Even before she is not into salty, she s contented with a pinch of salt.  She is health conscious that is why.  The rest is fine and we are having a delicious and yummy ‘afritada’ of my sister.  VONA PETITE!

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