His cute dancing steps……

Everyday after the kids are awake from afternoon nap, my younger brother used to play disco music.  He likes to play his favorite disco cd and do a little dancing.  This is part of his daily  routine.  His day wont be complete without playing it.  Even if just a little time as long as he is able to hear it each day.  It makes his day complete.  Funny but this is how weird my brother is when in comes to completing his daily routine.

When my two niece are  awake from their nap they used to play outside with their friends.  Only the my one year old nephew left inside the house.  But today is different, they opted to stay at home and instead of playing they are dancing to the music that my younger brother played.  It was so nice watching them having fun dancing.  My nephew is watching his sisters dancing, clapping his hands and smiling.  Then suddenly he stands up and do his own cute dancing steps.  We all laughed looking st him doing his little moves.  My cute nephew is just observing what his sisters are doing.  And after he tried to make his own steps.  I love to see my nephew and nieces brings laughter in the house.  Though they are stubborn sometimes, they still gives us smiles in our faces.  A good sign that they are a jolly and happy kids.  It is a good experiences seeing my nephew and nieces development each day as they grow old.

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