My beloved cellphone….

This will be the one of my saddest post i have ever written.  A quick and a short one, I just want to share how  is my day was.  Earlier my cellphone accidentally fell from the drawer.  Someone is sending me a message and when I get it from the drawer, it slipped on my hands.  It fell so really bad when I picked it up the screen goes empty.  I want to cry so loud because my beloved cellphone is in trouble.  I turn it off, get the battery out after a few minutes get it back and turn it on.  I am so happy that there is already a display.  After a few minutes no display on the screen.huhuhuhu

This is really a bad day for me.  I turn it off again and let it rest until tomorrow a little experiment of mine.  I just hope when I turn in on tomorrow screen will be back to normal.  It has been my phone for years now and it has been a part of my life. I will be so sad if my beloved cellphone is broken.  I am crossing my finger till tomorrow. 

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