Durian Fruit Shake…

Just a quick post about a little bonding me and my sister today.  Her husband brought a durian fruit from their province last Sunday.  And my sister decided to make a durian fruit shake.  I never tried this before so I am excited to taste it for the first time.  Others do not like the smell of this fruit but in our family we do like it very much.  We always say, smells like hell but taste like heaven.  That is the slogan to this king of fruit as we used to call it.

I don’t want to miss this kind of invitation from my sister.  So this afternoon after being home from her work, I went to her house with my nephew and two nieces because we are going to make a durian fruit shake.  I never thought it taste that good also.  We put milk in it that added sweetness to it.  It was a memorable event and bonding I have with my older sister today.  Hopefully we will have another bonding and food trip soon.  To those durian lover, try what we did and you will surely love it.  Yummy!

One Response to “Durian Fruit Shake…”

  1. _el@i_ says:

    i love durian and i love durian shake as well. at first i didnt like the taste too. but i later on learned to love it. 😉