Quarrel at the church…

It is Sunday once again and it is a church day for me.  I went to church early with my sister and two nieces.  We always got together at church.  But today is not so good for us.  I was not able to control myself for my nieces are quarreling inside the church.  I told them to shut up but did not, so I spank their hands and pinched them.  It is the first time I did it inside the church their quarreling and some other church goers are being disturbed by their concentration.  My other niece cried that get the attention of others. 

The homily is nice for it is about Mary’s assumption but was not able to concentrate because of my nieces are quarreling.  I said to myself not to bring them with me next time.  They are growing faster and growing not so friendly to each other.  They used to be friends before but now they are best as enemy.  When we get home after church and talk to them.  They promised to be good girl and not to do it next time.  All i can do if hope because kids are kids.  Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

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