Looking at old pictures…

I am feeling sad today for the reason that I do not know.  I am looking at the four corners of our house makes me feel like I want to cry.  I am looking for something that makes me busy so that I will not be able to feel the loneliness I felt inside.  Then my eyes are heading to the albums I am putting in the corner.  A little smile comes out the moment I get one old album and looking at old pictures.  Good thing  I have keep it in good form and put it in a nice album. 

It is one of my hobby back when I was in high school to collect our old pictures.  It was not organize since my mother passed away.  Some are thrown away by my father, I just get what if left.  Looking at it now makes me smile looking at my picture while I was a little.  Funny to see the changes in me.  And seeing my mother on the picture reminds me of her.  The only remembrance we have for her aside from the good values she taught us.  It is good to looking back to all those pictures for it reminds of the old memories.  Sadness slowly gone because of those old picture.  I have the evolution in me.lol  Funny and memorable pictures.  

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