Three in a row….

Start from his second daughter, next his eldest daughter and down to his son.  His three kids are having fever one after the other.  This is the kind of trials my brother and his family is battling right now.  His family is really tested by trials in life.  Looking at him facing this trials in life makes us sad.  Times are really hard  right now for all of us.  I can see it in his face that he wants to give up for he do not know where to go.  He even asked himself why is this happening to his family.

Looking at the innocent faces of my nephew and nieces, they do not have an idea what are their parents are going through right now.  Borrowed money from the people they know to buy medicine for their kids.  To them, growing debts are nothing.  It just money and they will pay it back as they promise. What is important is to see their kids well and in good health.  Seeing their kids playing, having fun and laugh will ease the pain they felt inside.  The good thing about my brother and his wife is that they never give up, continue battling this trials in life.  They believe that these things are happening because God wants them to be more closer to them.  Keep the faith and move forward.

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