After the wedding…

They are still on their honeymoon stage but some people are asking if she is already pregnant.  Lots of expectations from the parents, relatives and friends after months of being married.  Somehow they pressured the couple to do it in a hurry.  Honeymoon stage will last for one year of being married.  Within that year a blessing of having a baby will come.  Pressuring the couple would be very stressful to them.  They supposed to enjoy each other first before the little angel will come.

This is what happened to my friend.  Everybody is expecting that she is already pregnant,  She is married for two months now and  already worried why she is not pregnant yet.  She is making pressuring herself to have it.  The eager you want it, the longer it will take for her to have it.  I told her to enjoy the moment and have fun.  Only God knows when will be that little angel will come into their life.  ‘Patience is a virtue’ as they say, and I do think that my friend really needed it. Thinking of it too much is so stressful in her part.  She needed to relax and take their time.  No pressuring themselves just let it happen and enjoy the life of being married.  To you my friend, I am praying that God will give you a little angel one day.  A day that you less expected it and it will be a big surprise to you.  Just wait patiently for God is now wrapping the perfect blessing for you and it is on the way to deliver it to you.  Good luck and best wishes.

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