14 days of treatment…

It’s been a month now since my nephew’s leg got operated.  We can now see him walking without pain.  Just like before when he walk a single step, we saw the pain in his face.  Now, he can walk fast and even ran a little while playing to his two older sister.  He is a jolly kid that brings smile in the house and the joy in our faces. 

We thought he is okay and now fully recovered.  Until last week we noticed that his leg is swelling and turned reddish.  It bothers us a lot, so my brother and his wife decided to have his leg be check up.  We found out that the wound got infected, that cause him a very high fever.  My poor little jolly nephew is in pain.  He can’t even stand straight for he really felt the pain due to swelling.  Right now, he is under medication and the treatment process will last for 14 days.  We have seen development after two days of treatment.  The swelling is slowly gone and he can now stand still.  We have seen his sweet and lovely smile once again.  He will be check again by his doctor after 14 days of treatment.  We are praying that he will be okay soon.  No more pain, only a beautiful smile on his face that makes us very happy.

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