Dengue Fever Outbreak

I remember when I was diagnosed of having dengue fever.  I was so sad and crying for I do not want my family to spend money and I have fear that I wont be able to survive.  I take doctor’s prescribed medicine and also take herbal medicine for my fast recovery.  Luckily after two weeks I am  okay.  Being diagnosed to have a  dengue fever suddenly stopped my world,  For I can say patients are dying because of this kind of fever.

It has been months since dengue fever strikes here in the Philippines.  Several advertisements from the government telling people to clean those areas where mosquito lives. Today I am so shocked while watching a news on television that some hospitals are not accepting patients who have dengue fever because they are full.  Tears my heart seeing most affected are those below poverty line.  I can see it in their eyes that they are so sad and in pain.  It feels like their world is tumbling when the management from hospital telling them that they can no longer accepts patients for they are full.  I just wish that the government will do something about it before it will become out of control.  As a concern citizen, we should also do our part to clean our area and tell others to clean too.  We can do something about it, start now for our good and the people. 

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