Gift from God

Persons are gift from God to us.  That comes all wrapped so differently. Each individual are unique.  We have given the brain to think about life and the power to choose we want in our life.  But people find it hard to understand the life of gays and lesbians.  They have been discriminated by some people for they cannot accept the fact that aside from man and woman, third sex does exist.  To them gays and lesbians do not belong in this world we are in and they are not stated in the bible.
In this gay blog, people will understand them better and more. It is stated in this blog that they are human being that needs to be respected and loved.  And they are still human and have rights. They did not mean it to be like this, it is so happened that they felt something from within them that they are different.  They choose to come out in the open for them to be free.  They have feelings, are hurt and felt love to others. Being gay and lesbian is not a sin.  They did not do any harm to others.  They lived the normal life as others do.  They are children of God and their life is a gift from God.  We have to respect, accept and love them for them.

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