Simple birthday celebration…

Today we are celebrating the 7th birthday of my niece.  She is very happy that it is her day.  Just asking for an ice cream and a cake on the table.  A simple little girl wishes on her special day.  Since we have just celebrated her younger brother’s first birthday last sunday, we can say that we are out of budget.  Through the kindness heart of my sister, she bought a cake for her.  Even though no ice cream she is still happy she is going to blow a candle on her cake. 

My brother cook simple foods for the family.  A dinner with the whole family will complete the simple celebration.  Celebrates her day with the whole family only is more memorable and intimate one.  For we are able to have bonding and talking, lots of fun and excitements.  We make her feel being loved and cared by us.  That is the most important thing to do on her very special day.

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