Natural way of hair treatment….

Its been months now since I have problems with my hair.  Every time it reaches below my shoulder it falls down and becomes brittle.  I find it hard to maintain the length.  I have been asking someone for any remedy for falling hair and on how to bring back the thickness of my hair.  My friend told me to use coconut milk to bring back the thickness. It is a little smelly for I used it as my shampoo every time take a bath.  I have to do it three times a week and no shampoo for almost three months while I am having my treatment.

Right now I am on my second week of treatment.  I am hoping to see development after a month of using coconut milk.  Though it is smelly, it is better to use than other products that might cause too much damage.  Natural way is better to avoid any allergic reaction if I have to use over the counter products for hair treatment.
It is also not so costly and I can get it very cheap. 

2 Responses to “Natural way of hair treatment….”

  1. *josie* says:

    hi Genny, why not try aloe vera, get the gel juice and apply it to scalp, then massage, leave overnight or a few hour then shampoo, try baby shampoo..

  2. Stephen says:

    I agree with your josie.. Aloe vera is very effective remedy for hair loss problem. Avoid using shampoo that has a strong ingredients cause it can worsen the condition.