How they meet….

My sister and I are very close, we share things, asking each other advices and points of view.  We share almost everything except for one thing, our love life.  I do share to her about mine, but she doesn’t share hers. I respected it for she is that kind of person.  To her it is very personal and private.  Until she got married, we didn’t know exactly how, when, and where did their love story started.  Every time I asked her, she answered it with just a smile on her face and said secret. 

Yesterday, I went to her house to visit her.  We just lay down on their bed and talked everything under the sun.  Until it came in to my mind to ask her again on how she and her husband meet.  She laughed first then telling me some.  She didn’t want to tell everything, at least she told me a little.  I am surprise for she is not shy to tell me the story I so long want to hear from her.  It is like a wish granted for after so many times of asking her,  she finally tell it to me.  Now that I know her love story, I felt that we are very close.  She trusted me enough to tell and share it to me.  It is our secret and will be remained between us.

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