A Happy Life….

We all are dreaming of a happy life forever.  A life that we are dreaming of and aiming for.  We want to achieve our goals and things in life.  But the truth is being happy is making the best of what is given.  It is not always what we want for it leads to frustration and depression especially if we are seeing it far from truth.  Living with what is given makes our life worth living.  Though it is not easy for as human we are longing for something better. 

A secret to a happy life is being contented with what you have.  Cherish what you have and enjoy every bit of it.  We never know what is ahead of us in the future, for future depends on what we have done in the past and in present.  They are connected with each other, the dark past lightens the present and give hope in the future.  If we are able to do it right, a happy life is waiting for us.  So, aim high ad believe that you can do better for a brighter future. 

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