Verdict: MOving On!

After days of in pain, tears and asking so many why, my friend have decided to finally move on.  She has given her man two weeks to contact her to settle things.  For she is still hoping that they could still be together again.  Sad to say but she heard nothing from him.  That is why she has decided to finally put and end and stop hoping. She has shed too much tears for him, and it should stop before she runs out of tears.

I am so glad for she told me earlier today that she will live a life again back when she was happy and single.  Although I can see the pain in her eyes, at least she is trying to overcome it and make her eyes a happy eyes.  I have been telling her that life must go on, and she should continue moving on for there is a better tomorrow for her.  If God close the door He opens a window.  There are things that no matter how much we wanted it, it is not our for us to have.  I am so happy that finally she has decided to stop holding on.  She has finally letting go of her feelings for her ex-boyfriend.  I am looking forward to see again the happy face she used to have.  May she continue moving on for life is beautiful. 

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