A Good Massage…

It has been two days since I am complaining about my back pain.  My sister said it is just a wrong posture.  But I cannot move properly without saying ouch.  Back pain really giving me a hard time to move freely.  I am very irritable for two days for it is hard to babysit with back pain.  I want to relax and just lay down but I cannot do it for I am babysitting my 11 months old nephew.  Carrying him with a back pain is killing me.  I wish someone will do a massage for me to ease the pain.  Going to massage parlor is very costly that is why I do not go there.  Before my sister used to do it for me.  She has the ability to do a little massage, but she cannot do it now for she is married and move out of the house.

God is really good, for my younger brother went home.  He has the ability to do massage as well.  I am so happy seeing him even if I am angry for it has been 5 months since we last saw him.  As he heard me complaining about my back pain, he offered to do a massage for me.  It is bad to refuse an offer, so I said yes for I really needed it.  After doing it, I am more relax now, less the pain and I can move better.  I did have a massage for free and thanks to my younger brother.

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