Her First Day of School….

My five (5) years old niece is very excited to go to school.  To be with older sister and to wear a school uniform.  Her wish do come true this year because  she is enrolled as kinder one pupil.  She is very excited after seeing her school things, new bags, notebooks, paper, pencil, crayon and other school requirements.  And most  especially her new shoes.  Her parents bought a new shoes for her and her older sister.  So funny to see that she keeps on wearing it and checking her things.  I can see it in her eyes that she is eager to learn and go to school.

After two days of orientation, their classes will formally starts tomorrow.  She is keep on practicing writing her name and numbers.  Her older sister who is seven (7) years old is watching her and teaching her how to write.  So cute looking at them writing and her older sister helping her how to write.  I wish her all the best and hope she will find life in school as exciting place.  Hope she will not play a lot at school as she is a very playful girl.  And I do hope that she will be like her older sister who do good in school.  Will it is not good to compare because each individual is different and unique but I do want her to be like her sister.  As I can see they are always writing and sharing their ideas, I can say that she will be a good student and will do good at school.  I wish her good luck.

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