Today’s Homily: Forgive…..

It is Sunday once again, time for me to wake up early and go to church.  It is a day wherein I can talk to God and give Him a little of my time to worship and give thanks to Him.  It has been a good week for me, as I am less stressful and not so tired.  Although I am still doing the daily routine in the house I didn’t feel tired at all. And  owe it to God for giving me strength and a healthy body.

Today’s homily is asking for forgiveness and do forgive others.  Upon listening to the sharing the priest did, it is a good feeling when we forgive others and ask for forgiveness as God do forgive us from our sins.  Though it is not easy to forgive especially if we are being hurt badly by a person, still it is better to forgive and forget.  God is the perfect example of it.  He sacrifice Himself for our sins and still He forgive us all.  In this world today wherein lots of misunderstanding and chaos, let us learn to forgive each other and live a happy and harmonious life.  Do not let the grudges control us. I hope and pray that people will learn to forgive and forget for us to have a better place to live.  Heal the world and lets FORGIVE each other.

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