Practicinng Him to Walk…..

My nephew is turning one (1) year old next month.  Seems like it was just yesterday when he was born, time is really fast.  I can see the development of him really fast.  He likes to climb up on the chair, put everything inside his mouth and most especially he likes to smile a lot.  My charming little nephew really loves to smile.  When he gets something and I was about to get it to know what he is holding, he will smile at me.  An innocent smile that tickles me.  He can do many things already except for walking.  I can see it in his eyes that he is afraid.  He will only walk when I am holding him or he is holding a chair.

This afternoon after taking a nap and take him a bath, I have decided to go outside and practice him to walk.  Practice without holding him for him to not be scared.  He smiled when at first I was holding him, after several time of walking I let him walk by himself.  He cried and asking for help but I didn’t allow him to hold on me. Although I am near to him when he falls as he used to do it.  If he feels he needs to sit down he will for his knee is not that strong to stand for a minutes.  Or maybe he is just lazy to walk.   I am planing to do it everyday so that before his birthday come, he will be able to walk.  Hopefully walking lesson for my nephew will become successful.  I have a month to do it, so I am crossing my fingers.

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