Body Language….

Body language is the famous dance music back in the 70’s.  It is a kind of music that makes your body moves, sexy moves.  I could say that this is a kind of dance that is sensual, erotic and sexy movements.  When you hear this music and when you really feel it, it will makes you move and your mind will be thinking of a sexy dancing.  The music is so tempting and inviting, so to speak.

This past two weeks, a local show here in my country has a dancing competition using the body language music.  It is so interesting to know that the old music is back with the remix.  This is one of my favorite contest to watch on tv.  Always watch it with my two nieces who are concentrating.  Looking at them watching very serious makes me think that they are studying the moves and the music.  Every day they always asked what time is it for them to see the body language dance contest. 

This evening as I am browsing in the computer here in my room, they caught my attention because they are dancing.  They are so cute to look at dancing the stepping they saw on tv.  I smiled secretly for them not to be shy and continue dancing.  Although they do not understand what they are dancing, I could say that they are one talented little girls.  It is a perfect training for them to become a good dancer  I was surprise because they call me and make me dance with them.  As they say, it is not good to say no to an invitation so the three of us are dancing in my room.  I locked the door of course.hahaha

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