Do You Wish…?

There are so many smokers around the world.  They do not mind the saying on the packaging, ‘cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.’.  Still others continue smoking even if there health is at stake.  Not only their health but also those who inhaled the smoke that coming out from their mouth.  They do not mind it and insensitive to others.  Due to many cases of diseases that they can get from smoking, others do wish to quit to save their life and have a longer life.  Though it is not easy to quit, they are willing to do it for their health. 

My brother used to smoke while watching tv or just bored, instead of doing he shift that smoking habit to eat healthy foods like fruits during your leisure time. He set the date for him to start his quitting process.  Quitting is a choice and it should start from the person who are smoking.  It should be the will to stop and quit.  Think that it is for the good for your as well as to the family.  That is what my brothers do when he decided to quit smoking for his family’s sake.  He has the strong will to go for it and focus on his aim to quit.  We are so happy that he succeeded.  Its been 3 years now since he quit, within that 3 years we see him much healthy and not so sickly like before.  If you ever wish to quit smoking try my brother’s technique and go for a healthy you.

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