Blessed to have a Sister…

Tomorrow I am going to attend the wedding of my best friend.  I am so happy and excited because she is marrying the man of her dreams.  I am a witnessed on how she fights for her love and her rights to choose whom she is going to love.  She has been battling and arguing to her mother just to convince her mother that she is loving the right man of her.  The man that will love and take good care of her forever.

As I am very excited, I went to parlor and have my pampered to make it look good for her wedding.  I do have a very bad hair, frizzy and dry.  I do not have plans to make a treatment yet because I am saving my money  for rainy days.  But I need to do it because of my friend’s wedding.  It is her moment to walk down the aisle, and I am going see her walking down the aisle.  Although I am just a visitor and a witness, I feel the need to do something for myself to make me look presentable.  Going there with messy hair that I have is like going to a war without a weapon. 

I asked my sister if she has money to lend me so that I can do hair treatment for the wedding.  And fortunately my dearest sister gave me money.  It is for free, she will not going to lend me she will give the money to me.  I am so happy to have a loving sister.  Even though she is married, she still gives me something if I needed.  I am truly blessed with such a kind of sister.  Sooner I will return the favor and I will do it thousands fold.  I am not making a promise to her, but I am making a promised for myself for her.

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