Life is Really in Crisis….

People are experiencing global crisis nowadays.  All are sufferings and having difficulties in life.  Even our family is one of those who are in a battle to survive.  But we keep on holding on because at the end of this road there is a better future.  We have to prove that trials can’t make us weak, instead making us even stronger to fight.

This evening as we are having our dinner my sister who lives two blocks away from our home arrived.  She is asking if we saw the slipper of her husband outside their house.  As my two nieces always go there to play even if there is no one is around, she asked them where is the slipper.  I told her that the kids are in the house the whole day.  My father did not allow them to go out and play outside.  So I told my sister maybe it is stolen by someone who doesn’t have slipper.  Because life is in crisis, people are stealing even slippers.  Funny but it is true, people do steal slippers here in our place.  It is very irritating because I am very sure that those who steals it as no respect at all.  Even if we live in the village people do steal and our things are not safe.

I just wish that this crisis will end soon before stealing of slippers will grow big and they do not like stealing slippers anymore.  They will steal things that has a bigger value.  It is so sad to know that our fellowmen do steal our things.  Hope that we will overcome this crisis before things will go into worse cases.

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