One of Those Days…

As I woke up this morning, I am very happy that I feel better.  I have regain my energy although not 100% but a lot better than the previous days.  I started my day doing household chores as always, help the kids fixed themselves and have breakfast.  It is a wonderful feeling that I am not looking weak.  As me and the kids are eating breakfast, I have noticed my father on the couch and in pain.  I am so worried so I asked him what is wrong.  I am so sad that he again visited her long time friend, his rheumatism friend. 

Its been a while since his friend visited him.  To top it all, aside from the kids that I have to take care of today, there is my father you also needs my assistance for he cannot walk.  He looks really in pain so I told him to take his medicine.  This afternoon he feels a little better but he has a fever.  As I am thinking what is the reason why his friend is visiting him.  I have conclude that he is attended a party last night.  And I think he ate too much fatty food in there that make his visited him.  If only he knows how to control himself, he wouldn’t in pain today.  Therefore my happy day today ended into a very tiring day.  3 kids to look up to plus my father you is in pain.  A nanny and a nurse, that is my profession.  Instant no need to go to school and get diploma. 

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