Love Your Bod….

As the saying goes, ‘ you are what you eat’.  Our body depends on the way we take good care of it.  If we gain weight it is because we have the passion of eating and our weaknesses are those yummy and delicious foods.  We can’t resist the yummy foods from calling us to taste them.  If we do not have nothing to do, the tendency is we eat just to ease the boredom we felt.  Later to find out that we are gaining more weight and we have excess baggage in our body especially the tummy part.  It is very frustrating that it is easier to gain weight than to lose weight.  And that is the fact.

Slimming down is not a walk in the park.  We have to work hard in doing exercise just to make our body fit and not fat.  We have to sacrifice the passion of eating those yummy and delicious foods.  If we want to make our body healthy and thin, we have do this  sacrifice.  We have to eat less and take it in moderation.  We are most likely to gain weight if we eat fast and quickly.  The best way to lose some weight is to slow down our eating habit and enjoy the food.  Swallow the foods in your mouth until it is gone before putting another food in our mouth.  By doing that, we will lose our appetite because of the time we consume due to eating slow.  And of course it should be guided by a little warm up to keep us physically fit.  Do a little exercise, eat in moderation, eat slow, take your time swallowing.  One day you will surprise,  you have the body you ever dream of.

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