Laws of Personal Growth…

In life, we do have to face lots of trials and difficulties to test how strong we are in believing in ourselves.  We have to be strong enough for it is a part of life where we can grow as better person.  Be the best that we can be, and be able to achieve our goals in life.  Here are some laws that is helpful in dealing with personal growth.
1.  Always make your future bigger than your past.
2.  Always make your contribution bigger than your reward.
3.  Always make your performance greater than your applause.
4.  Always make your gratitude bigger than your success.
5.  Always see God bigger than your success.

With these laws, we can use it as a basis of our daily life experiences and achievements.  Do not be at ease with what you have but always look forward on what you can do for others aside from yourself.  Life is not worth if you are not able to share and be thankful enough to those people who is always there with you through thick and thin.  In every achievements that we are getting, never think that you are great to others.  Always remain as the same person you are, never let those achievements makes you think you are above the other.  The  laws of personal growth applies to those humble and down to earth person.  And of course never forget to thank God for the wonderful blessings that He showered upon you.

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