A Bird this Morning….

I was in my dreamland this morning, when I heard someone is running back and forth in my room.  Then my niece is yelling, sounds like she was cheering.  Even if my eyes are tired and really want to close because I sleep late the other night, I was force to wake up.  As I open my eyes I saw them trying to catch the bird that is flying inside my room.  My sleepy eyes becomes awake seeing the bird flying.  I enjoyed watching my brother trying to catch the bird and my niece is cheering.  After running and catching here and there, my brother finally caught the bird.

I stood up and try to see what kind of bird it is. It is very cute and very little, looks like the bird is just learned how to fly.  My niece enjoyed watching the bird on his father’s hands.  I was telling my brother to tie the bird and we will put in in cage.  But my father says, we can’t because if we do it the bird will die.  After enjoying the little bird, we decided it let it go and be with other birds.  My brother tie the leg of the bird with a little thread and then told the bird ‘come back when you are already grown’. and then let go the bird go and fly.  Although it is like a little kid wishing and  it is impossible to happen, we are hoping that the bird will come back someday. 

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  1. Lina Gustina says:

    it's more nice to see birds in their nature, not in a cage…