Right To Vote…..

It is election time once again and the long wait is over. Today is the election day in my country, a day where all the politicians and the people are waiting for to vote. Voting for another set of people who will be seated on several positions in the government. An individual who trusted by Filipino people to serve the country with honest and true to their heart.

Although others say that they do not want to vote because the same people and the country will always be the same and no hope. They wave their rights to vote for this reason. I do not want to wave my right to vote. Because my vote counts and important even if it is a single vote. My single vote will change everything. It is an exciting day to some people because this is the first time that the country will be using PCOS machine to make the counting of votes fast and easy. Indeed technology is helping us in this kind of event. I myself is very much excited to see and experience this kind of machine. Intrigues me the process of voting and counting the votes.

I want to practice my right to vote because I still believe that we have a big hope and a chance to be a better country in the future. Whatever will be the result of this election, I just hope that people will be supportive and accept the outcome. A country will not grow if each of us are just throwing stone with each other. We have a big chance if we are helping and willing to support each other. I hope and pray that the winner of this election will look for the people and the situation of this country. God bless to us!

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