An Angel to Guide Her

Early this year my long time friend got married and she is 6 months pregnant. I was surprised when I got a message from her saying she is getting married and 6 months pregnant. After 8 long years of not seeing each other, I can see it in her eyes that she is very happy. I even touched her tummy and talking to her baby that will be due on second week of April.

When April comes, I send message to her mobile saying the baby is about to see the beauty of this world. And I got no response from her, I just thought she is busy. Yesterday, I am so happy because I received a message from her telling me she gave birth April 30, 2010. I am so happy for her and even congratulate her. But the smile and the happiness on my face didn’t last that long because she told me her baby was taken away by God. When she went to the hospital last April 30, the doctor said the baby has no heartbeat and the baby is dead 3 days ago. I felt so sorry for her and i really felt sad because I am so excited to see her baby.

She cried because the baby looks healthy and she is very careful why taken away from her. I told her, everything happens for a reason. And only God knows whats the reason is. Just look at the brighter side of it, he will be your angel to watch over you and he will always be there for you not just physically but in their heart. Sooner, it will be replace with so much blessings and more angels for you to have. The good thing about my friend is that she was able to accept it, and embraced God’s plan to have her baby away from her. She praise God even more, for she was given an angel to watch over her. She is still blessed because she lost a son, but she gained an ANGEL.

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