Bite by the Dog….

Today is not a good day for the family especially to my niece. As she was playing outside the house, the dog run after her and bite her butt. I was not able to see it because I am busy with my little nephew who is just woke up around 4 in the afternoon. I have that mixed emotion, angry, scared, pity my niece and sad of what had happen to her. I immediately asked my neighbor a favor to carry my nephew for a while because am going to wash the part where the dog bites. I asked my niece if she felt any pain while I am washing her butt. Luckily she said no pain, and no blood comes out.

She is fortunate enough because the dog didn’t bite her hard. But we are observing if she felt dizzy and if she has a fever. I felt so sorry for her because she doesn’t have any idea what will happen to those person bite by dogs. We informed the owner of the dog for them to know and if ever my niece has a fever they will take the responsibility because they didn’t tie their dog. I just hope and pray that my niece will be okay. We are doing the checking from time to time, for us to know if my niece is really okay. If they only listen to me when I say, stay at home and play inside the house, this won’t happened. I am keeping my fingers cross and praying she is okay by tomorrow.

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