Native Chicken Soup

It’s been awhile since the last time I was able to taste the delicious chicken soup especially if it is native. Native chicken is really yummy compared to other kinds of chicken. Native chicken are famous in the provinces. Every time we go there visit my grannies, the famous dish to offer is soup of native chicken. I really missed the taste of it, especially serve while it is hot. The taste of the native chicken is different. Although not native is delicious also, but not as delicious as native because it is very fatty.

Tonight, my brother cooked us native chicken soup for dinner. I am so excited because at last I will tasting it again. But at the same time sad, for it will affect my diet. I will surely eat a lot if my favorite food is serve. While waiting for it to be done, my mouth waters because it smells really good. After it is done, dinner is ready and served. It was one of the unforgettable dinner the family have shared and eat together. Its like bringing back the memories during our visits in the province. Yummy dinner for the family, i smiled secretly seeing my nieces eating and appreciating the new dish they have taste. Well, they like chicken but not soup. They like fried chicken much, but after tasting the chicken soup they said it will be there favorite too. Native chicken soup for dinner is delicious ever.

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  1. Fe says:

    I miss that native chicken, thats very yummy …

  2. Ibyang says:

    sounds yummy! i miss eating native chicken in the phils 🙂